Thursday, March 6, 2014

Oscar Pitorius during Trial

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CNN, NBC and other news outlets are reporting on how Oscar Pistorius responded in court when a witness talked about what he found with Reeva when he encountered her body.

You can watch a video here and see Oscar sitting on the bench seats holding his head.

When I watch Oscar in this video I try to see if I can spot oblique eyebrows--a sure sign of true sadness.  Ironically, I don't see them, though at times, its questionable they could be there in some form. We don't have a clear shot, unfortunately.

But I can say that I see little to no wrinkling in Oscar's forehead, which is a strong indication he is feeling stressed.  The fact that they are missing is notable for me.  Look at this still shot, (scroll down the page) which is clear as day.

I actually see a vein popping which could be intense anger that he is trying to control, or a feeling of lack of control--frustration.

Oscar does gag at one point in the video above, and that could be because his stomach is in knots.  That would make sense.  His life as he knows it is hanging in the wind--out of his control--for others to decide his fate. I honestly don't think it is because of what he is hearing, but that's just my opinion.

I personally think that Oscar Pistorius snapped in a raging fit of emotion and killed his girlfriend in an emotional outburst and then realized what he had done and changed his story.

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