Wednesday, May 1, 2013

Amanda Knox makes me feel VIOLATED

In this video, I have to ask you to put yourself in Amanda's shoes.

Imagine you are innocent, and wrongly accused of MURDERING someone you did NOT murder.

Imagine you went to trial, were denigrated horrifically around the world, had your reputation ruined, you were found guilty of murdering someone you DID NOT MURDER and you sat in prison for four years.

Think about how you would feel...

I can be 100% confident you would be mad and angry and that you would feel extremely violated that a justice system could get things so wrong!

And I can be confident that years would not take that feeling away from you or her especially in the light that courts are now re-looking at Knox again and could lock her up.

Now watch sweet, innocent looking Amanda talk.

Listen to her words.

What do you hear?

Do you hear a victim?

I don't.

The first thing real victims of injustice will talk about is their injustice.

Not, its not in her thoughts at all.

Amanda's first comments to Robin Roberts?

"I'm so grateful to be here. I'm so grateful to have this chance and um, I really, really hope that....people will read it."

Hmmm...she seems most concerned with getting people to read "it" her book.  Wow.

Notice that she says nothing about how it feels so good to have the chance to tell people I am innocent--I am NOT guilty!  Do you hear that? Or... I was wrongly accused. Nope. Nothing!!

Robin even gives Amanda another try to get it right and even focuses her.  Robin says, "What is it you wanted people to hear MOST from you?"

I expect I am innocent to come blaring out of her now. Does she do it?


Amanda says, "Wow. It...(sigh)...I wanted people to know who I was because I felt that I was lost in the middle of this storm...and I was taken over...and I want people to know precisely what it is I went through and precisely what I thinking at every moment and I wanted to give what I was able to get out of it."

WOW oh WOW oh WOW. 
Are you kidding me? What a bunch of nonsense!!!!

If you were wrongly convicted, would you be lost in a STORM?

Hell no. You wouldn't be lost at all. You'd KNOW you were RAILROADED.

I can't believe the crap she is dishing out.

I'm flabbergasted.

She goes on to say it is so important for her to be honest?

Epic fail, Amanda. Epic fail.

I do not believe Amanda now, like I didn't before, but this time she has given me her own words and behavior to support my belief.  There is not one thing Amanda did in two interviews that made me believe her for one instant.  Not one.

I find Amanda to be cold, callous, deceptive, and an actress who portrays different personalities to different people--exactly as I felt before.

The sweet little Amanda we saw in court and on TV is not the same woman who her friends saw, or the people in Italy saw prior to this crime. No, this sweet woman says about Meredith to her friends after her death, "How could she not (have suffered), she got her fucking throat slashed."

Nice girl, eh?  Sweet and demure? Not.

For those who think she is sweet and innocent, this comment tells you otherwise. This is not consistent with a sweet, little demure innocent girl from Seattle. No, Amanda is smart, intelligent and far from unworldly.  She is a smart cookie, no doubt, but not good at playing a victim when she is not.

I wish I had more time to write now, but I don't.  Check back for more thoughts as my time permits.

Please know all people have right to disagree with my thoughts, and disagreeing thoughts are welcome.  Rudeness, however, or a lack of respect will not be tolerated in comments below.  Please be advised.  Inappropriate behavior will be banned promptly.

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  1. Totally agree. I follow your blog and was dying to know what you thought. I only watched her on Diane Sawyer and kept waiting for that declaration of innocent but it never came.

    I also noticed when asked if she killed Meridith she said no but nodded yes. And I saw that deep gulp in her throat.

    Nope, I'm still convinced she's a liar.

    Also what bothers me is how rather than talk about what happened and why she is not guilty she goes on and on (speaking very well) about how she's not a good speaker. Really? Actually you speak just fine.


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